June 3, 2019


About TheDevBlock.

About TheDevBlock.

Website redesign.

TheDevBlock came to Giver with the idea of doing a complete redesign of their website. One of the challenges was to simplify the navigation on the site to reduce the barriers in the communication with the user, without the need for the user to be technologically savvy.

When we started working on the redesign of the site, the first thing we looked for was to define a new image, more modern fresh and human, showinf that there are real people with lots of experience behind all that technology.

"We want TDB to be the standard for creating work teams.".

After the branding elements were defined for the entire site, we started working on the redesign of TDB's internal platform.

For the client's projects, certain technologies or skills were required, making registration on the platform a bit longer and more complex than usual. Giver's challenge was to make it as user-friendly and didactic as possible, so that the user would not be overwhelmed by the amount of data required and would not leave the site before finishing the process. Once this stage was completed, TDB would have everything they needed to perform the corresponding analysis and assign the appropriate team to each client.

It was very important to give the user total control of the process. Although TDB was responsible for finding the candidates for each project, the client should have the possibility to give the final confirmation.

Our team worked to create a platform that is consistent with TheDevBlock's identity, while being visually aesthetic and intuitive for the user.

Do you want to be the next success case?

Do you want to be the next success case?