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Google Ads Campaigns

January 31, 2020

Stay present!

We create Google campaigns for every country in the world, positioning your brand among the first results when a potential client searches for the product or service that you offer! At the end of every month, we hand in a report with obtained results for you to know exactly which is your return of investment.

Stand out

Side by side with the big brands, you will be able to stand out and provide the solution your client needs. As an example, Urban: when you search for “football socks” it is situated before Adidas, obtaining a great amount of clicks and inquiries!

Be among the first

We make campaigns for Voda Argentina and Voda Chile, ranking both of them among the first results in searches of interest.


We create the number of ads needed for each search term of interest so it has a custom result. In this Sticotti campaign, 15 ads were created for the different products they offer in USA market.


Did you look for a plane ticket and then got “chased” by ads of similar things?

This is called Remarketing, and we can do it for your brand. Each person who enters to Deportivo Full’s website will be shown ads of this brand the next following days, in order to maintain their interest for these products.

Giver creates the campaign and ads, so you only need to take care of the sales.

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