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Social Media Campaigns

January 30, 2020

Goal: Messages

For Kif Kif, we created a campaign that shows the different combos they have to offer to their potential customers, and now they get more tan 800 messages per month.

Goal: Likes

For Pininfarina, we created a campaign to bust the “Likes” in their page. In only 2 months, they obtained more that 5000 likes.

Goal: Website traffic

For Sticotti, we created campaigns leading their potential clients to their website, according the type of product they preferred. In a month, we led more than 1.500 people to their site!

Goal: New Potential Clients

For Voda Chile, we created a campaign to obtain personal information of people interested in renting or buying their water dispensers. In just a month, Voda had more tan 250 names, phone numbers and mails from potential clients, to contact them and make the sale.

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